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Picfair Plus Guide: Setting up your Store & where to Customise Plus Features

07 August 2019

Posted by Philip Mowbray

Once you’ve uploaded some images (our guide to uploading here), you’re ready to start setting up your Store! This can all be done in simple steps from your Store Settings dashboard.

You can access this at any time on the Picfair website when logged in by clicking on your username at the top right of any page and selecting ‘Store Settings’. You can also access this page when viewing your Store by clicking ‘Settings’ at the top left of any page. This chapter will explain how to set up your Store’s Theme, Layout, Image Organization and show you how to navigate your Plus Store.

The screenshot below shows you where you can find Store Settings on the Picfair website:

1.) Publishing and Unpublishing your Store

When you first sign up to Picfair, your Store will automatically be in ‘Published mode - this means your Store is live, and you can see this at the top of the 'Store Settings' page under the section 'Publish'

If you want to make changes to your Store or take your Store offline for any reason you can choose to ‘unpublish’ your Store at any time by switching the toggle button back.

Here’s where you can find your Store’s URL, which is the web address that anyone can use to visit your Store:

This is unique to you so you can share your unique URL with your network and spread the word! Your Store URL comprises your Picfair username, but your Store URL can be anything you want - you even have the option of linking your own custom domain which we’ll cover in the next chapter of this guide!

2.) Overview of Store Settings - where to customise Plus features

There are a number of areas that allow you to manage your Store’s settings and customize your Plus features. These are also displayed on the left-hand column of the page under ‘Store Settings’, and you can go back to this page at any time by clicking ‘Overview’.

- Theme and Design

In this section, we’ll show you how to control your Store view by choosing a stylish light or dark theme or alternatively customizing your store view entirely! The theme is how your Store will look throughout and is designed to make your images stand out. Our latest Store feature, Custom Themes, gives you complete control of the background and font colors of your store. You can now choose any color combination you want for your store background and fonts! Custom Themes allow you to either make your store shine loud and bright or subdued and composed by giving you complete control of the background and font colors of your store.

In this section, you can also select the layout. The layout is how your images will be displayed on your Store, you can also add a welcome splash page from this section.

- Header and Navigation

Here, you can customize the look of the header section of your Store. This is the top section of your Store that displays your name and menu links that appear on each page of your Store. In this section you can choose to add your own logo and bio and have the option of customizing the font size, type and color in this section! If you’re feeling bold, why not go for the uppercase option? There’s an array of options to add an extra touch of personality to your store. 

You can also include an in-Store search bar which will allow users to search your Store using tags, and from here you can also edit the links on the Store Menu; for example, here you can add a link to your personal blog to appear on your Store menu.

- Content and Organisation

This is where you can organize how the images you have uploaded to Picfair will appear on your Store. There are three different options you can select, and you can choose more than one!

- Domain Settings

This is the section where you can link your own custom domain to your Store. A domain name is the address of your website and with Picfair Plus you have the option to link a custom domain you have purchased to replace the standard ‘’ domain. 

A custom domain is ideal for marketing your Store and makes it easy for visitors to remember your unique URL. 

- Advanced Settings

This section is where you can find more advanced settings for your Store, including where you can add and edit your own watermark, learn more about watermarks in our tutorial here.

3.) Setting up your Store's 'Theme' and 'Layout'

If you publish your Store before configuring your Store’s 'theme' and 'layout'. It will be automatically set to the ‘Light Theme’ and your images will be automatically displayed in ‘Rows’. But you can change this in the ‘Theme & Design’ section on Store Settings'

We recommend you try out both the light theme and dark theme and all the different image layouts - to see what you prefer and what works best for your images. You can change the layout option at any time from this page.

An example of a Picfair Store automatically set to 'light theme' and images displayed in 'rows'

Choose between a light or dark theme, and a custom theme alongside how you would like your images displayed on your Store

Please note: choosing a square layout will display a cropped version of your images on your Store if they are originally in portrait or landscape format. All images can be viewed at full size by selecting the arrow icon in the bottom right-hand corner when hovering over each image.

Make sure you click ‘Save Changes’ so any changes you’ve made will be on your Store. Next to ‘Save Changes’ you’ll also see a link to view your Store so you can quickly and easily see how everything looks when trying different theme and layout combinations!

4.) Organising your images

All of the images you have uploaded to Picfair will be displayed on your Store by default. To change this, and to further organize the images on your Store, go to the ‘Content & Organization’ section of ‘Store Settings’.

You will see a number of options which allow you to choose the organization of images on your Store, and the good news is, you can choose more than one option! The three display options are as follows:

All my images:

Selecting this option means all the images you have uploaded to Picfair will be displayed on your Store. If you have this option selected, you can also choose to include the ‘in-Store’ search functionality, which will allow users to search through your collection of images using tags.


Here you can choose to display all the albums you have created on your Store. Note: if you wish to display an edited selection of images only with albums, this will turn off the in-Store search functionality.

Featured album:

Here you can set one of your albums to be a ‘Featured Album’, which will have its own dedicated link on your Store menu. This is ideal for displaying a curated selection of images on your Store homepage, so your images will appear exactly how you want them to look.

Underneath all display options, you can select ‘Set as Homepage’ to showcase that particular display option on the homepage of your Store. When visitors click onto your Store, they can see all of your images, your set featured album or all of your albums.

Make sure you click ‘Save Changes’ when you have finished. From here you can also view your Store, so you can see the changes you have made.

Once you've chosen a theme, layout, and image display options, you've got your Picfair Store set up to go!

When looking at your live Store, at the top you’ll see your Store Header which is the main point of navigation across your Store. This is where your name or logo and bio text appears, along with an in-Store search bar (if selected) and links to the Store menu, social share links and shopping basket. The Store header is displayed consistently throughout your Store, and clicking on your name or logo will also bring you back to the Store homepage at any time.

An overview of a Picfair Plus Store

Now you've got your Store set up, here comes the exciting part - customising Plus features! Read more about customising Plus features in these chapters:

Custom Logos for Picfair Plus
Albums for your Picfair Plus Store
Adding a Custom Print Commission
- Linking a Custom Domain to your Picfair Plus Store

Bio text for your Picfair Plus Store

Adding a Welcome Splash Page

Linking Social Media Profiles & Adding Custom Menu Links
In-Store search for Picfair Plus Stores
Watermarks for Picfair Plus Store

Introducing Focus

Or, return to the Index page!

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