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Picfair Plus Guide: Albums

19 August 2019

Posted by Philip Mowbray

Easy to create and edit in a few simple steps from your Picfair account, the best way to organize your images is to place them into albums.

Albums are fantastic for showcasing images in a specific order, as themed collections and for displaying a curated collection of images on your Store’s homepage.

- 👇 -

- How to create albums

In order to showcase albums on your Store, you first need to create them. You can do this directly from your Picfair Profile Page.

To add an image to an album go to your profile page and select the image by hovering over it with your mouse and selecting the ‘+’ icon, you can repeat this process to select several images.

Once you have selected the images you would like to add to an album, go toActions’ > ‘Add to Album.

From here a new window will appear. In the text box Create a New Album you can make an album by inputting a name for your new album and then clicking Save to Album. Your images will now be saved in the new album, and you can view and edit this album by going to your Albums dashboard.

Select images from your profile that you wish to appear in an album

Once selected, create a new album by naming your album and click 'Save to Album'

The albums as displayed on your 'Albums' page, where you can edit your albums

- How to edit your albums

You can edit and organise the albums you have created from your ‘Albums’ dashboard which can be accessed from your profile page under ‘View Albums’, or from the drop down menu when clicking on your username, and selecting Albums.

- To change the order of albums as they appear on the albums page and also on your Store, click on Change Order and drag and drop albums to the order you prefer. 

- To change the order of images in the album, click into the album and drag and drop images using the arrow icon, visible when hovering over the image, to place images in the desired order.

- When hovering over any image, you can also choose to make this the header image of your album by selecting Make Header. A header image is an image that is displayed at the front of your album along with the album title. For each album, we recommend you use your best image for your header image - as this will be the first image viewers see before clicking through to the album!

- To delete images in your album, select images using the + icon when hovering over an image, go to Actions and click onRemove Selection from Album.

- To delete an entire album, click into the album and go to 'Actions > Delete Album'

- How to move images between albums

In order to move images from one album to another, first navigate to the album with the images you would like to move, and select them by using the orange plus (+) symbol in the top right-hand corner of each image thumbnail (you'll see an orange outline around all the images you've selected). Once you've selected the images, click the blue 'Actions' button just above the images select 'Add images to album' which will bring up a pop-up of your album options.

You'll then need to go back to the original album to remove these images. Repeat the process of selecting images but this time, select 'Remove images from album' to delete them from that album. Only if you select an image and click ‘Delete’ will the image be removed from your whole profile.

Viewing an album from the albums page, with actions selected, where you can edit, remove images, and delete the album

When hovering over an image in an album, the 'make header' icon will appear, in order to select the image to appear as the header image

- How to display images and albums on your Store

The way images and albums are displayed on your Store can be configured under the Content & Organisation section of your Store dashboard with different display options. You can choose more than one option for your Store.


Here you can choose to display all the albums you have created on your Store. Note: if you wish to display an edited selection of images only with albums, this will turn off the in-Store search functionality.

Featured album:

Here you can set one of your albums to be a ‘Featured Album’, which will have its own dedicated link on your Store menu. This is ideal for displaying a curated selection of images on your Store homepage, so your images will appear exactly how you want them to look, and you can select either your 'Albums' or your 'Featured Album' to appear on your homepage.

Album configuration for your Store from the 'Content & Organisation' section of Store Settings

An example of all albums displayed on a Picfair Store

An example of a 'Featured Album' displayed on the homepage of a Picfair Store

We hope you've found this guide useful. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us here.

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