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Introducing Picfair Referrals: Sharing our revenue with photographers


18 September 2017

Posted by Benji Lanyado

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Picfair is powered by photographers. Since our launch three years ago, our community has spread to every corner of the world purely through word of mouth. With over 25,000 contributors and almost 5 million images uploaded, more and more photographers join Picfair every single day. They believe in our mission to make image licensing fair: The dominant agencies have taken the vast majority of image royalties away from photographers for decades. We’re reversing that.

But it’s not just photographers joining us through word of mouth, it’s image buyers too. While our in-house sales and marketing team work tirelessly to make as much money for our photographers as possible, we’re frequently introduced to publishers and businesses by the photographers themselves.

From now on, we want to make sure that every time that happens, the photographer is rewarded.

With Picfair Referrals, if you refer an image buyer to Picfair, for an entire year after they sign up we’ll share our commission with you 50/50.  For example, if a buyer spends £5,000 on images in a year: £4,000 goes to the photographers whose images they’ve licensed; £500 goes to Picfair, and £500 goes to you.

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As for who to refer … image buyers are everywhere, and you can refer as many as you like! We’ve created a guide to all the different types of image buyers out there, from large publishers to small businesses. And once you’ve worked out who to refer, there's also a guide explaining why image buyers love using us for you to share with them.

How it works

First, you need to opt in to Picfair Referrals - this is only available to signed-up Picfair users, so if you haven’t joined Picfair yet, you can join Picfair here

Once you’ve opted in, you’ll be given your unique URL to share with image buyers. We’ll also add a code to all of the social buttons across the site - meaning that if you share one of your images (or your profile, or a Picfair blog) on social media, if a buyer signs up from one of those links, they will earn you money too.

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We’ll notify you by email every time someone you’ve referred signs up. We’ll also let you know by email every time one of your referred users licenses images.

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You can keep track of all exactly how many buyers you’ve referred, how many images they’ve licensed, and how much money you’ve made on your referrals dashboard. 

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You can cash this out whenever you like in the cashouts section of your account. We pay out via Paypal, or via BACS if you have a UK bank account.

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And that’s it! If you’ve got any questions at all about Picfair Referrals, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] To start referring buyers you know: opt in here.

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Picfair is an image library with a big difference — our photographers are in control: Upload your pics, name your price, change it whenever you like.

Our buyers get access to a new generation of images from our community of over 20,000 global photographers. No subscriptions involved, just amazing value, with stunning images selling from as little as £1.

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