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Upload, name your price, go!

You can be selling your images to buyers across the globe within two clicks of this page. We believe that anyone should be able to easily sell an image, from award-winning professionals, to passionate hobbyists, to talented Instagrammers.

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We only make money if you make more

This really shouldn’t be revolutionary, but it is. Across the world, image agencies take the vast majority of image royalties away from the photographers - the average middleman cut is 74%. This isn’t fair. We add 20% to the price of your image, and that’s it. We believe in rewarding creativity, not exploiting it.


You’re in control

They’re your images, so you can charge what you want for them. When you upload an image to Picfair, you name your price, and that’s what you’ll get when somebody licenses them. We also don’t ask for any exclusivity - again, they’re yours, not ours, you can do whatever you like with them.


But what the heck is “image licensing” anyway?!

When somebody wants to use your image for something, they need to pay you for the privilege. That’s all an image licence really is: a contract between someone who has taken an image, and someone who wants to use it. Picfair looks after all of this, with a very simple, broadly-scoped licence. You get the money you ask for, they get the licence to use the image (and access to an unwatermarked version of it), and we add a small charge to the buyer on top. That’s it.


Super-fast FTP

Most of you will use our incredibly simple Uploader to get your images onto Picfair. But some photographers with large collections add descriptive metadata to their images - titles, captions and tags, sometimes known as IPTC data. This means they can use our FTP service to upload their images, and we’ve got the fastest system in the industry. If this is you … get in touch!