"Close" stock image


This week we are up-close and personal at Picfair… Be it macro photography, a fantastic detail or...

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"Whale shark silhouette / outline off Mexico" stock image

Interview with Simon Pierce

Hi Simon! Tell us about yourself in two sentences - who are you? I’m a marine biologist working ...

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"MONKS STUDYING" stock image


Every week we have to raise our expectations a little higher as the quality of images we’re recei...

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"The New York Skyline" stock image

Interview with Dan Martland

Hi Dan! Tell us about yourself in two sentences - who are you? I'm a British television came...

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"Small restaurant in Chinatown, Bangkok" stock image

Fast and slow

It’s all about speed at Picfair this week; things that go fast, things that go slow, and great ph...

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"the gift" stock image

Unmade movies

Picfair’s doors have been graced by a stunning selection of shots this week. Like scenes from mov...

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"Boats" stock image

Tones and texture

It’s all about tone and texture at Picfair this week. We’re joined by some amazing new photograph...

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"Brothers in Arms" stock image

City as a stage

Life in the city is a constant adventure - you never know what you’ll find around the next corner...

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"Paddling fisherman" stock image

The sun and the sea

This week is all about the sun and the sea at Picfair! Narrowing down our favourite Picks to 10 o...

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