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Introducing our Editorial & Personal licence


29 November 2016

Posted by Benji Lanyado

Over the next few days, we’re rolling out a second licence across our library of almost 4 million images. We’re introducing an Editorial & Personal Licence to provide as much clarity as possible for buyers across the globe looking to use Picfair images for their publications and businesses.

Standard topgrab2 copy

This new licence will only apply to a small selection of images on Picfair - those in which there is a recognisable person or people. While buyers will still be able to use these images for a huge range of use cases - including all editorial use (including business editorial), and all personal uses - they will no longer be usable for business collateral and marketing. We’re doing this to protect the people in the images who might not have given their full consent for their likenesses to be used commercially. All images that do not contain recognisable people (and those that have model releases available for any recognisable people within them) will remain under the Standard Licence.

All existing images on our system will be updated accordingly - photographers don't need to do a thing. Images that are assigned an Editorial & Personal licence will cost exactly the same to buyers as the Standard Licence - the price set by our photographers, which can be changed at any time. Buyers will be able to search according to licence type, and photographers will be able to see which of their images have been assigned which licence type on their profile pages:

Standard editorialprofilechange

Filtering for Editorial & Personal Licence images on your profile

Standard editorial search change

Filtering for Editorial & Personal Licence images on search results

If you’re a photographer and you want to change the licence type of an image, in either direction, you’ll be able to click the “change licence type” button on the image page itself. If you want to do this to your entire collection, or a large number of images, please email [email protected]

Standard editorialchange

Click on the "Change licence type" button on one of your images to change its licence

From now on, all images uploaded to Picfair will have the relevant licence assigned during our moderation processes, which usually take no longer than one working day. We’ll email all uploaders letting them know which licence types have been assigned when the processes have completed.

If you’ve got any questions at all, about the new licence or anything else at all, please email us at [email protected]

Finally, a huge thank you, once again, from everyone here at Picfair for your continued support, and your fantastic images. We’re entering a very exciting period of the company, pushing ourselves out into the world, on a mission to make image licensing fairer.

More info:
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