"Highland Cow" stock image

Best of Picfair - October 2020

Welcome to our latest, dazzling retrospective image showcase!Featuring 50 of our favourite shots ...

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"Stormy sky with dramatic clouds at sunset" stock image

Best of Picfair - September 2020

We're thrilled to present to you our latest retrospective showcase - Best of Picfair - September ...

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Picfair Plus Update 1.5 - A New Feature to Play With!

Are you a perfectionist? Don’t worry - as photographers, we all are! That’s why you’re going to l...

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Personal Watermarks, Signatures and Text - What to Avoid when Uploading Images to Picfair

At Picfair, we love all types of images and it is a delight to see these uploaded to your Picfair...

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Getting Started with Picfair Prints - A Photographer's Guide

Every Picfair photographer can sell images as prints alongside download options, through your own...

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"Everest Burst" stock image

Purchased on Picfair! 8 May Showcase

It is a pleasure to present to you our latest, hand-picked selection of images recently purchased...

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Tagging your Photos - A Picfair Guide

When you upload your images to Picfair, we ask for at least 5 'tags' to be included for each phot...

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Announcement: 0% Picfair commission on all download & print sales for 3 months

To support our photographers over the coming months, Picfair will be taking ZERO commission on al...

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8 Tips for Processing your Images before Uploading

Following a few key processing steps prior to uploading images to Picfair can help you maximise y...

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