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5 great Stores using Picfair's new Logo and Bio feature

Last week we were excited to release our first update (1.1) for Stores and Plus - further enhanci...

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Picfair Plus Update 1.1: Custom Logo and Bio, New Image Display, Full Screen and Slideshow Views

Since the release of Picfair Plus a few weeks ago, we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of gorgeo...

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5 Brilliant Stores made with Picfair Plus

Last week saw a major milestone at Picfair with the arrival of Plus for Stores - the latest devel...

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"A Wedding and the Street Seller" stock image

Picfair's Women Behind The Lens 2018 - Winners

Picfair are honoured to announce the winners of our Women Behind the Lens 2018 competition. Over ...

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Picfair stores have arrived 2

Picfair Stores have arrived!

Over the last few weeks, hundreds of Picfair photographers have been test-driving our new Stores ...

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Introducing Picfair Stores

This month, Picfair is giving every single photographer on our platform a free, personalised stor...

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Best images for wall art

Choosing the Best Images for Wall Art: A Picfair Guide

We’re incredibly excited to be launching our Print service at Picfair, this means that now, selli...

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Take photos that sell

9 Tips for Taking Photos that Sell

Whether you're a seasoned pro or talented amateur, you can sell images! At Picfair we talk to ima...

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How to make money from your Instagram images

Instagram’s editing and filtering options, though not as advanced as professional editing softwar...

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