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"Bridge Street Poppies." stock image

Spring in the Picfair Collection

Here in the UK it feels as though we may have finally turned the corner - the snow has melted, th...

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"Cyclists, NW Iceland" stock image

Incredible Iceland

With a population of under 350,000 people, Iceland is definitely punching above it's weight when ...

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"Young Monkey in Nepalese Temple" stock image

20 Extraordinary Uses of Backlighting in the Picfair Collection

Backlighting (also known as rim lighting) is a photographic technique, in which a controlled use ...

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"Guilin Cormorant Fisherman" stock image

Picfair's Top 10 Image Uploads of the Week: 2nd March

This week at Picfair HQ we've had yet another incredibly busy week, with image uploads in their t...

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"women and war" stock image

International Women's Day: A Themed Collection

International Women's Day is a United Nations day of observance that takes place each year in ea...

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"North Korean flag made by human pixels holding up colored boards during..." stock image

The Arirang Mass Games in North Korea by Eric Lafforgue: 28 Extraordinary Pictures

Those lucky enough to visit North Korea on the much-coveted tours that take place during late Aug...

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"Polar Bear" stock image

International Polar Bear Day in Pictures

On 27th February, International Polar Bear Day is observed across the globe. It is a day to raise...

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"Path to the Milky Way" stock image

The Allure of the Night Sky: 20 Breathtaking Examples of Astrophotography in the Picfair Collection

Astrophotography = to capture the night sky and its astronomical objects and celestial events.  ...

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"Castle" stock image

Enchanting Ireland: A Themed Collection

The island of Ireland is often described as one the 'greenest places on Earth' and well-known for...

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