"Colores" stock image

Best of Picfair - May 2020

It is an honour to present to you our latest image showcase - Best of Picfair - May - a dazzling ...

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The 7 Formal Elements in Photography - A Picfair Guide

In the photography world, there are several basic design elements, commonly known as formal eleme...

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Purchased on Picfair! 22 May Showcase

Welcome to our latest image Purchased on Picfair showcase, highlighting just a small selection of...

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7 Tips for Aspiring Photographers

We’re big believers in championing our photographers. Whether you’re an award award-winning pro o...

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"Everest Burst" stock image

Purchased on Picfair! 8 May Showcase

It is a pleasure to present to you our latest, hand-picked selection of images recently purchased...

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"La pie devant la lune 2" stock image

Best of Picfair - April 2020

We are thrilled to present to you our latest retrospective of images - 'Best of Picfair - April' ...

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5 Expert Tips for Improving your Composition

Composition, where the subject appears in the photograph, is a key element of photography. And le...

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5 Tips for Cropping your Photos - A Picfair Guide

As a general rule, you should always try and avoid too much cropping unless you absolutely need t...

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"Namibia - Sandwich Harbour" stock image

Sold on Picfair! 24 April Showcase

Welcome to this week's 'Sold on Picfair' showcase! Where once again, we're bringing you 10 of our...

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