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Images from everywhere

Most image agencies give you a tiny selection of what’s out there. Picfair brings you the world: from award-winning professionals to Instagrammers selling their first ever image. Our unique Picked 0b61a31d3c2e07ecb526dd34ee87ac619cb5adfbe5bddf9b69420614176d1752 algorithm is gradually honing its “digital taste”, filtering through millions of images uploaded from across the globe to bring you a new generation of photography.

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Amazing value, no subscription

On Picfair, you can license what you want, when you want it. And because we don’t add a huge premium on our image costs (the industry average is a 74% cut!), our images are incredibly good value. We think anyone should be able to license an image - regardless of whether you’re a huge publisher, a small business, or an individual.

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Simple, broad licensing

Getty Images have over 320,000 ways to license an image. We have two: our Editorial & Personal Licence , and our Standard Licence. Both of them have a huge scopes, including unlimited distribution, no placement restrictions, no geographic restrictions, and no time limits. The only thing you can’t use Picfair images for, yet, is merchandising and advertising. Whenever you visit a Picfair image, you’re only three clicks away from being able to use it. See how our licences compare here.

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Fair trade images

Picfair only makes money if our photographers make more. It really shouldn’t be, but this is revolutionary - across the industry, middlemen agencies take 74% of the royalties on average. We believe in rewarding creativity, rather than exploiting it. We add 20% on top of the photographer’s price, and that’s it. So every time you license a Picfair image, you’re helping make image licensing a little bit fairer.