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A beautiful showcase for your images, where every image can be purchased as a range of printed products and digital downloads for multiple uses.

The Picfair marketplace

Every image you upload also becomes part of Picfair's central marketplace - seperate from your personal store - which is used by image buyers around the world.

We handle logistics and licensing

When you sell a print, we'll produce and ship it for you. If you sell a digital download, we handle licensing for you. All you have to do is upload your images, set up your store the way you like it, and get paid when you make sales.

Get paid fairly

Our licences are designed to protect our photographers. Every image sold is licensed on a one-time-use basis. If you sell a digital download, the buyer can only use it once unless they pay again. Our licenses cover editorial and personal uses, commercial uses, and advertising uses, and if you sell an image for advertising, you’ll get paid 10x more than your usual price.

Picfair’s flat commission rate on every image you sell is 20%, which is added to the buyer’s total price. This means that the price you set is the amount you will receive when you make a sale. For example, if you set £30, you will get £30, and the buyer will pay £36, with the extra £6 going to us.

We are incredibly proud to be the first platform to have given non-professional photographers the tools to sell to Google, Etihad, Ogilvy, Elle, Guardian, Nat Geo, and lots more.

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If you want to take your store to the next level, there’s Picfair Plus. For the price of a few cups of coffee a month, Picfair Plus gives you unlimited uploads, more customization options, removes the Picfair branding, lets you use your own logos, watermarks, bio, domain, display albums, and a whole host of other features.

  • -   Multiple store layouts
  • -   Use your own domain
  • -   Add social media links
  • -   Remove Picfair branding
  • -   Your own logo & watermark
  • -   Unlimited uploads
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With over 500,000 photographers and 7 million images from 130+ countries, Picfair’s marketplace is a vibrant collection of images from amateurs and professionals alike. Our algorithms surface images from across our global community - available to download for editorial, commercial and advertising use, and as a range of high quality prints.

And when you buy an image on Picfair, you can be sure that the vast majority of your money will always go to the photographer. We’ve created a brand new fair trade model for image licensing, reversing the traditional industry royalty split that sees the majority of money taken away from the photographers.

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