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An open door. A bigger picture.

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A new generation of images

Every type of modern business needs images. Picfair connects them with every type of modern photographer. Amateurs and pros, cameras and phones; we’ve created a marketplace where anyone can license an image from anyone, simply and fairly.

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From a new generation of photographers

For decades, image licensing was a closed industry - only a tiny fraction of professional photographers could sell their images online. Today’s world looks very different, and we’ve built an image marketplace to reflect it. Picfair’s library is a unique combination of award-winning professionals and talented amateurs: millions of images uploaded by thousands of photographers from across the globe.

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Filtered by Picked 0b61a31d3c2e07ecb526dd34ee87ac619cb5adfbe5bddf9b69420614176d1752 technology

We don’t believe that robots and algorithms can tell you what a really great picture is, yet. But we do believe they can help. Our revolutionary Picked 0b61a31d3c2e07ecb526dd34ee87ac619cb5adfbe5bddf9b69420614176d1752 image-filtering algorithm is trained by our in-house image curation team to evaluate millions of images, and pick out the best results for buyers. We want to be able to sort any image, uploaded from anywhere.

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Fairly, finally

Image licensing middlemen still take an average cut of 74%. Yup, 74%. This isn't fair. Picfair has created a brand new model for image licensing, connecting buyers and sellers directly; rewarding creativity instead of exploiting it. We only make money if our photographers make more.

Team Picfair

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Benji 16084db283ab4c621486f12f99a7ebabbddaacb401a771180eda47c51ddfe456
Benji Lanyado
Founder & CEO
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Sally Hart
Creative Director
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Dan Laeng
Head of Engineering
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Anna Fraser
Marketing & Editorial Assistant
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Joseph Hobbs
Campaigns Manager
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Jay Douglas
Strategic Partnerships
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George Burke
Campaigns Executive
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Calum Gunn
Thomas 67195c3b87631dee81e9c47b4d21b66a2a04d9aea11d7cb04836499ef8750767
Thomas Marshall
Nick b58a6615bb73ed98c7e0083921ac44aa5926c4b78e1859d4acaa070e36cc020a
Nick O'Reardon
Danielbower 37b48cc371ac09c064345f47aa50c65648e0d083f7580958d25521089a68c31a
Daniel Bower
UK Advisor
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Alexis Ohanian
US Advisor