Who we work with

Picfair distributes images through a network of partner agencies based in non-UK countries where we don’t have a local sales presence. We work with carefully-selected local distributors, selling under rights managed licences that correspond with our own licences, with preset minimum price requirements. This way, our photographers always receive at least the price they ask for on Picfair.

What this means for photographers

If your Picfair images are included in a distribution set, the images are made available for license through our agency partners and sold at their local prices, taking into consideration preset minimum price guidelines that we have agreed with them. When distributors sell an image to a local customer, they will take a commission before passing the royalties on to Picfair. We’ll then pay the relevant Picfair photographer their asking price for that image. If the royalties we receive exceed the photographer’s asking price, we’ll also split any additional royalties with the photographer on a 50/50 basis. This way, you’ll always receive at least the price you’ve asked for, and, in most cases, you’ll receive more.

Our current partners

  • EasyPix (Brazil)
  • FotoArena (Brazil)
  • Visual China Group (China)
  • TPG Images (East Asia)
  • Lehtikuva STT (Finland)
  • Mauritius Images (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Glix (Hungary)
  • Topic Images (Korea)
  • PortForLio (No Longer Active) (Korea)
  • Latin Stock (Latin American Countries)
  • Phocal Media (Middle East)
  • Indigo Images (Poland)
  • BE&W (Poland)
  • Legion Media (Russia)
  • Gtres (Spain)

Managing your images

We’re currently building an accounts dashboard for contributors to keep track of where images are being distributed, and you can easily opt out of distribution by emailing us at distribution@picfair.com If you opt out of distribution - or if you delete your Picfair account - while having images available through partner agencies, please note it can take up to 30 days for changes to be updated throughout our partner network.

Distribution FAQs

Please do take a look through our Distribution FAQ page to familiarise yourself with all aspects of how our distribution system works. If you’re an agency contributor on Picfair, your images are automatically excluded from any distribution sets - if you’d like us to confirm this, or to discuss distribution options for your collection, get in touch at distribution@picfair.com.