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Photography opens our eyes to the world around us in a way that feels fundamentally different from other creative mediums. The immediacy and impact of a good image comes not simply from the subject matter, but is brought to light through the insight and experience of the individual behind the lens.

While the landscape of the photographic industry is changing, female photographers are still hugely under-represented: the overwhelming majority of images found within the professional domain are taken by men.

Picfair’s Women Behind The Lens competition is seeking a new generation of female photographers, of all levels of experience, to help bring their images to light. From landscapes to portraits, from the streets to skyscrapers, Women Behind The Lens will champion female photography to Picfair’s global audience.

With an esteemed panel of judges from across the industry, and prizes including exhibiting at the Guardian newspaper’s gallery in London, the competition will be open to entries until October 1st, 2018.

Welcome, and good luck.

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The intimacy and immediacy of a good portrait is one of photography’s great joys. Portraiture’s great images elicit emotion through the eyes of another, and can tell complex stories with a few simple objects.


Cities are the melting pots of modern society, with all the negative and positive elements that entails. Photography can help us celebrate the spectacle of the modern, built environment, and draw attention to its challenges.

Street level

All the world is a stage, but it’s the street where this comes into clearest focus. The serendipitous meeting of strangers, the play between people and place, and those fleeting moments when unexpected paths cross.


The natural world provides an incredible playground for the photographer. Not only do we have the majesty of landscapes through the changing season and time of day, but also the astonishing detail when we take a closer look at the world around us.


Winners and shortlisted entries will be shown at a ‘Women Behind the Lens’ exhibition at The Guardian in November 2018. Photographers will also be eligible for a range of other prizes including portfolio reviews and equipment. In addition, entrants' work will be available to license via the Picfair platform at a price set by the photographer. All copyright will remain with the photographer. See below for more details.

How to enter

This competition is open to women worldwide - to enter, sign-up to Picfair, agree to the terms and conditions and start uploading your images. During upload, you will set a price which allows publishers to license your images via Picfair. To choose a category, visit the pic page, select 'Submit Image' at the top of the page and choose a category from the pop up.

  1. Sign up to Picfair and proceed to the Upload page
  2. Upload images to Picfair
  3. Go to the image page and click the 'Submit Image' button and select a category.

Read and agree to the terms and conditions below, and add your info to get started!

The competition is now closed.