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"Paddling fisherman" stock image

The sun and the sea

This week is all about the sun and the sea at Picfair! Narrowing down our favourite Picks to 10 o...

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"The Window Cleaner" stock image

Top of the world

Picfair is reaching new heights both literally and figuratively with this week’s stunning opening...

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"THE BALLOON SELLER" stock image

Around the world in 13 images

There are so many things we love about seeing the thousands of images come in every week, but one...

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"Monks Shopping" stock image

Modern tradition

We open this week’s collection of amazing Picfair Picks with Thomas Lhomme's stunning image of '...

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"Hindu Wedding 4" stock image

Summer in the city

It’s Summer time in London! The days are long, there’s line-ups at the Lido, and the parks are fu...

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"Havana Sunbathers" stock image


Much like the rest of the world, this week Picfair’s thoughts have been drifting towards South Am...

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"Grand Central Station NYC" stock image

Urban flows

One of our favourite things at Picfair is getting to see some of the world’s most exciting cities...

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"Meenakshi Amman Temple" stock image


Another top pic from the wonderful, wandering Wilfred Seefeld - as far as we can tell, he's alway...

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"Eiffel Tower - Follow The Light" stock image

Follow the light

The Eiffel Tower is a Picfair mainstay - captured from every angle, in every hue. But this week's...

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