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Interview with Peter Jarman


30 January 2015

Posted by Sally Hart

Hi Peter! Tell us about yourself in two sentences - who are you?

Working in the construction industry and currently on the Crossrail Project I have had the amazing opportunity to access many rooftops of the London skyline and of course my camera comes with me. At home I am a dad, an organic gardener, a tech geek, innovator and Landrover enthusiast.

QWhat's the weirdest situation you've found yourself in while taking a photograph?

ATo celebrate the grand opening of a newly constructed road in London, I found myself directing and choreographing over 200 construction workers from a rooftop via mobile phone to line up to spell the word “OPEN” in order to take an aerial shot. It took over half an hour in the pouring rain but was extremely fun to do.

QWhat do you shoot on? What's your favourite set up?

AMy environment is normally quite dusty. I use a Nikon D7000 mostly and carry a Canon D550. Sigma 10-20mm and a Tamron 18-270mm. For tight spots or dirty environments at work I just love my Galaxy Camera pointy clicky.

QWhat's your number one tip for an aspiring photographer?

ADon’t forget to turn and face the crowd once in a while. It is sometimes a more interesting point of view.

"A Helping Hand" stock image

‘A Helping Hand’ was captured during a photographic survey in West London. I had been on the street for several hours taking photographs. It was cold and I was tired from all the clicking and just wanted to be at home with my family. This man was in my mind all night as I put my feet up and watched the TV. This photo is my favourite because it is real!

"The Window Cleaner" stock image

'I was invited to visit the viewing gallery at the Shard in London. I saw everyone pointing their cameras out at the horizon and clicking. I found this man hanging on the outside of the building just below my feet and thought he was more interesting.'

"330 Windows" stock image

'This sixteen storey building has recently undergone demolition and is now receiving a modern facelift. This view will never be seen again. I like the fact that I was the last person to be able to see this.'

"Urban Traveller" stock image

'For me, the destination on the bus is a reminder of where I grew up. The Hotel location reminds me of where I work and the determination of the man marching to the Station reminds me to keep doing what I am doing.'

"Urban Mountain" stock image

'I have total respect for the people who work under these conditions. Rock or Glass, the adrenaline is the same.'

"Rooftops" stock image

'I took this photo from the rooftop of a building that is now undergoing modernisation. This is a point of view that will never be seen again. Whilst taking this shot, I was being attacked by very angry Seagulls.'

"The Atrium" stock image

'I was invited into this building and was amazed to find this view. As a person of construction my first impression was “what a waste of space” but then the photographer came out in me and thought “WOW!” Click Click!'

"The English Gent" stock image

'In real life this man actually looks like he is in Black and White! What a character. I can’t take my eyes off him when he walks his dogs. It’s like looking into the past.'

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