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Interview with James Bridle


11 November 2016

Posted by Sally Hart

Hi James! Tell us about yourself in two sentences - who are you?

I'm James, I’ve been a freelance photographer in Bournemouth for 10 years. I’ve always loved taking photos and can’t remember a time when I didn't have a camera in my hands. My love of photography started with a second hand Canon compact camera and a shot of exploding fireworks. Since then it has progressed into an amazing adventure incorporating international music festivals and worldwide travel.

QWhat's the weirdest situation you've found yourself in while taking a photograph?

ADuring my work abroad I found myself on Christmas Island, located in the Indian Ocean, in a freak tropical downpour with all of my camera equipment in danger of being waterlogged. I took shelter under palm trees next to a pig hut, a local woman with her 2 young children beckoned me over to their house on the beach, offered me refuge from the rain and a drink of coconut water. This moment has always stayed with me as being both strange and amazing!

QWhat do you shoot on? What's your favourite set up?

AI shoot on a Nikon D750 full frame camera, but have had many different Nikon cameras in my years as a photographer as well as some Olympus equipment. I generally have two bodies with me at any one time to allow me to be flexible with lens choices. However, I keep an extra body at home just in case one of the cameras requires service. My favourite set up is probably my trusty Nikon D3 and the 24-70mm 2.8F. The D3 is an older camera but its reliability and ergonomics makes it amazingly versatile for capturing musicians jumping around on stage mid performance at 9 frames per second.

QWhat's your number one tip for an aspiring photographer?

AI’ve always believed that photography is something you must be passionate about. It’s something you crave to do, so my top tip would be to get out and experiment. I self taught through experimenting with my equipment and through online media; websites such as Youtube were really helpful, also talking to other photographers and generally getting inspired to do more! Don't forget to break the rules, challenge yourself and the realms of photography to get that truly special photo you’re proud of.

"Petra - Horses through the Siq" stock image

'My favourite picture has to be my photo of the horses running through the Siq in Petra, Jordan. It’s a photo that I have displayed at home and I still love looking at it. The warm desert colours along with the lines of the layered rock flowing from foreground to background reflect the sense of speed and motion of the travelling horses.'

"Prodigy Live, Global Gathering crowd" stock image

'This photo is probably one of my favourite festival shots, it was taken at a performance in 2014 where The Prodigy were headlining the final night. Only a select few photographers were able to photograph the band from the pit at the front, so I went into the crowd to try and get that perfect shot. I really love how the guitarist is mid air on stage.'

"Radio City in the rain" stock image

'This photo was taken on a very cold, wet night in New York city. It’s an incredible place and I cannot wait to go back! I spent the night exploring with friends; being able to photograph Radio City lit up in the rain was probably the coolest thing I saw that night.'

"Portland Bill, Meteor shower 2016" stock image

'This photo was taken with my best friend who is an amazing landscape photographer, we decided to head out into the dark to see what sort of meteor action we could capture during the anticipated Perseid Meteor Shower this year.'

"A wall of light, Festival Crowd" stock image

'This photo was a pretty hard one to get. It was taken at the major UK music festival called Creamfields. The stage was so big it was difficult to fit it all in frame, even with a 16mm wide angle lens. I also had to hoist the camera up on a monopod to get the perspective I wanted, timing the shot with a shutter release cable surrounded by 20,000 people was no easy feat.'

"Global Gathering Crowd" stock image

'This photo was taken in the pit at Global Gathering 2014 in Stratford Upon Avon. This festival always seems to have a wonderful sunset, and is one of my favourite festival snaps. I think its summed up by the beautiful orange glow from the sun as it wraps its way round people hands. Not to mention the great Luigi hat in the bottom middle area.'

"BESTIVAL 2016, Celestial Dream" stock image

'This photo gives me warm memories of my festival experiences for 2016, it’s a really cool art installation run by some very strange people but so effective. I couldn't help but be captivated by the flames flickering in the darkness, lighting up people’s faces as they huddled round to keep warm.'

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