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Best of Picfair Stores: April 2019

Stores and Plus

01 May 2019

Posted by Philip Mowbray

Welcome to our fourth 'Best of Picfair Stores' showcase. Where we present to you our hand-picked selection of some of our favourite Stores recently published by the Picfair community, and for the month of April, we are thrilled to showcase to eight unique and stunning Stores from photographers across the globe!

You'll find the full showcase below, where all of the Stores featured really put Picfair's Plus features to great use; with striking welcome splash pages, beautifully-curated albums and imaginative custom watermarks, domains and logos, perfectly complementing the diverse and outstanding range of photography to be found on each Store!

Once again, we're spellbound by the talent and diversity of our photographic community, and we're sure you will be too. So sit back, grab a cuppa, and enjoy this month's Stores showcase!

More Plus news from this month: Picfair Plus feature release 1.4 - Custom Print Commissions

- 📸 👇 📸 -

Conor Molloy

Conor Molloy is a wildlife, landscape and travel photographer who brings us his beautiful work in curated themed albums on his Picfair Store. One of Conor's areas of expertise lies within bird photography, and on his Store you'll find stunning ornithology-themed albums, each categorised by bird type,  making it a simple and enjoyable process to navigate Conor's comprehensive body of work. We're also big fans of the themed logo, flawlessly fitting in with the overall theme of the Store. 👌

Standard 07 01
Standard 07 02
Standard 07 03

Daniel Zappe

Daniel Zappe is a travel and architecture photographer with an incredible array of images from different parts of the world. When we first enter his Store, we're greeted with a striking welcome splash page, made up of a full-screen version of Daniel's shutter themed logo (find more inspiration for your logo with our dedicated blog post here), keeping the Store's branding consistent throughout. Daniel has also chosen to display all of his images he has uploaded to Picfair to appear on his Store - which gives us a fantastic variety of photography to look at on each page, and also means that the in-Store search functionality can be switched on, which is perfect for Daniel's assortment of images across different locations.

Standard 05 01
Standard 05 02
Standard 05 03

Athanasios C. Dedeoglou

Athanasios is a reportage photographer based out of the UK, and all of the photos on his Store display his distinct and unique style of documentary photography. What we love about his Store is its simplicity. Athanasios has chosen to use a dark theme and square image layout to display his photo series', and with all the Picfair branding removed - makes the images shine without distraction. Athanasios has also added a custom link to his Store menu, by way of connecting his Instagram page, allowing visitors to connect with the photographer on social media.

Standard 08 01
Standard 08 02
Standard 08 03

Alan Took This!

Alan Grant is an exceptionally-skilled wildlife photographer with an incredible variety of images showcased on his Store. Alan is presenting his stunning work all by the use of albums, many of which are specific to particular animals and breeds - which makes his extensive collection very easy to navigate. We also love the name for Alan's Store - Alan Took This! - immediately eye-catching and memorable. Great work Alan!

Standard 06 01
Standard 06 02
Standard 06 03

Photography By Simon

Picfair member Simon Hunter brings us a beautifully-edited selection of four albums on his Picfair Store, with each album featuring a well-defined area of his photography, showing off the diversity of his photographic talents, and all clearly defined with a stunning header image. We particularly love Simon's outstanding aviation photography series and also his logo, which fits very well with the light theme of the Store. Simon has also chosen to link his own domain; '' - well in-keeping with the Store's branding and theme.

Standard 04 01
Standard 04 02
Standard 04 03

Teri James Photography

Teri James is a photographer based in rural Oklahoma, USA, who takes inspiration from her local surroundings of cattle, windmills and pastoral landscapes to create her stunning photographic work. We're particularly impressed with the prominence and strength of this central theme running throughout, and all of Teri's photographs are beautifully stylised with a uniform subdued colour palette. The theme of the Store is also enhanced by the use of a fantastic bespoke logo featuring a motif of the iconic metal windmills atypical to this part of the world. Teri has also used this design for her custom watermark (learn how to convert your logo into a watermark here).  Lovely work Teri!

Standard 03 01
Standard 03 02
Standard 03 03

Anne Burke

Anne Burke brings us a gorgeous series of travel photography on her Picfair Store - which is her biggest passion as reflected on her custom bio. Anne has ordered and curated this series with the use of the 'Featured Album' functionality, which is ideal for displaying your favourite images first. Anne has also included a gorgeous handwritten-style logo for her Store, which fits beautifully with the colourful images against the Store's light theme.  This has also been incorporated as the watermark, which Anne has chosen to place very lightly on the images by way of the custom opacity functionality for watermarks - this way the watermark is present, but not too distracting from the image. Great job Anne!

Standard 02 01
Standard 02 02
Standard 02 03


When we first enter LuckhurstPhotography's Picfair Store, we're greeted with an ethereal and abstract forest scene, by way of their welcome splash image, which immediately sets the theme for their Store, which focuses predominantly on landscape and fine art photography. They have also decided not to feature any additional text or logos, giving full attention to this incredibly striking shot.

The images within the Store have been carefully curated into themed albums, with a 'Featured Album' as well as a dedicated 'Black and White' and 'Fine Art Photography' album on the home page, making the Store ideally set up for users searching for particular types of images, and within each selection you'll find a beautiful themed set of images... Gorgeous!

Standard 01 01
Standard 01 02
Standard 01 03

We hope you've found this selection inspiring!

If you haven't thought about setting up your own Store on Picfair, why not take a look at everything Stores and Plus can offer your photography? Setting up your own Store is easy, and you can start uploading your photos and customising your store within minutes. Get started here.

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