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5 Brilliant Stores made with Picfair Plus

Stores and Plus

16 November 2018

Posted by Philip Mowbray

Last week saw a major milestone at Picfair with the arrival of Plus for Stores - the latest development to our open platform, giving our photographers the ability to fully customise their Picfair Stores.

Thousands of photographers have already published their Stores, and those who have already upgraded to Plus plus are able to fully personalise their site with
custom domains, albums, preferential image ordering, and much more, showcasing their photography to the world in exactly the way they want to.

Here are 5 stunning examples of Picfair Stores from photographers who have recently upgraded. We're massively impressed with how our photographers are editing, curating and presenting their work using Plus features. For more info on upgrading your Store with plus, see 
here 🙌

Stefan Ferreira

Eagle-eyed street photographer capturing incredible moments in London, Europe & Africa

Stefan has chosen to make his Store landing page his albums page - a new feature with Picfair Plus

Look at the URL! Stefan’s Store is hosted on a subdomain of his personal site stefanferreira.com

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When hooked up to a custom domain, the full store functionality and url chain remains on whatever domain you set

Anna Rebecka Lindberg

Travel photographer based in Sweden capturing a unique perspective on iconic and lesser-known locations

Anna’s homepage uses the “featured album” functionality - allowing her to choose a specific collection of images, in any order, as the landing page of her Store

Here’s the Albums section of Anna’s Store, with images organised into subjects

An image page on Anna’s store. Note all of Picfair’s branding has been stripped away, and Anna’s Instagram link is appearing below the image instead of Picfair’s social media links

Jon Davatz

A street photographer who loves to document the beach life and wildlife on the doorstep of his home in Southern California

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Jon has also linked a custom domain to host his store - one with a unique, easy to remember and attention-grabbing name

Jon’s choice in using three columns and a uniform format of landscape images for his ‘Vintage Car Details’ album really packs a punch - one of the many stylish templates to use for custom albums with Plus

One of the image pages on Jon’s store, again you can see all Picfair branding has been removed and because Jon has linked three social media accounts to his Store, all social media links appear together


Architect, photographer and graphic designer, interested in capturing the visual landscape of spaces and the people who inhabit them

JJF ARQUITECTOS has chosen to feature their full portfolio for their landing page, with each image in a large display format - so when scrolling through the page each image takes pride of place

Over 6,500 images from JJF ARQUITECTOS are hosted on their Store, and using the Plus album function to display images from specific locations or based on various themes is ideal to effectively sort and curate their images

JJF ARQUITECTOS are also displaying their images within albums using the large display option for maximum impact

Anthony and Sally Stevenson

Cornwall based photography consultants specialising in stunning macro photography

For their landing page, Anthony and Sally have chosen to curate albums based on the style of their floral photography - a great choice for images perfectly suited to wall art

Using the dark theme for this album really makes the images pop out, again no Picfair branding is displayed on the page and images have been freely ordered for aesthetic effect

A striking image from within an album page

Impressive, right?

Upgrade to Plus

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