"Shadow Eye" stock image

Shadows of Spring

Spring has officially sprung! Well, not quite in this side of the world (we’re still experienci...

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"People towers" stock image


This week we’re celebrating continuity in photography and the power it has to direct the viewer o...

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"fishermen dance" stock image


It’s a thing of beauty when things work perfectly in unison. Like the exhilarating moment a surfe...

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"Surfer Surfboard Fins Underwater" stock image


Some gorgeous super-saturated images in this week's Picfar Picks - subtle tonal shifts are beauti...

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"Four Friesians in Fog" stock image


It feels like it might be 'album cover' week at Picfair HQ with some brilliant portraits from tal...

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"Rain" stock image

Dark and stormy

Shooting images at night can require an extra level skill from photographers. Whether it's a stea...

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"Senja" stock image


For all the amazingly vivid images we see everyday, there are times when a beautifully toned shot...

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"Maui Waterfall" stock image


For regular updates on our favourite images throughout the week, follow Picfair on Twitter. ...

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"#dumboselfie" stock image

The stage is set

As much as we love a pic that captures the action as it happens, sometimes an image that frames t...

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