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Themed Collections

"Morning dew" stock image

22 Images of Delicate Dew Drops

As the temperature of the air drops overnight, the surface of plants and flowers cools down. The ...

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"Hagia Sophia Byzantine Architecture" stock image

13 Breathtaking Images of Islamic Architecture

The global presence of Islam throughout history has meant its architecture has been influenced by...

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"home from the land of dreams" stock image

16 Peaceful Photos of Clouds that Will Soothe Your Soul

No two clouds are of the exact same shape. Some look like hordes of sheep, others are more resemb...

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"celebration with beer glas" stock image

Munich: 23 Images From Beer to Beyond

With this year’s Oktoberfest in full swing, you’d be forgiven for struggling to explore Munich mu...

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"Barcelona From Above" stock image

18 Stunning Aerial Photographs

The first ever aerial photographs were taken by French photographer and balloonist Felix Rournach...

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"Old mother" stock image

11 Images of Older People Who've Survived Their Smoking Habit

Smoking kills - it’s scientific fact. However some people seem to defy the harms of smoking, and ...

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"Canary Wharf escalators, brutalist architecture, black and white photograph" stock image

13 Images that Prove Brutalist Architecture Can Be Beautiful

When you hear the word ‘brutalism’, chances are that your first associations are related to blunt...

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"Green Soldier" stock image

13 Portraits of People Looking Right Into Your Soul

Photographers are people of many talents. They need to be able to adapt to lighting conditions. T...

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"Milky Way Light Show" stock image

These 10 Images of the Milky Way Will Blow Your Mind

The whole of America gasped as Neil Armstrong set foot on the surface of the moon for the first t...

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