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"Deep fried grasshoppers, silkworms and scorpions for sale in the Night..." stock image

20 Examples of Real Street Food from Around the World

Street food is essentially cheap fare that is sold from a stall, food cart, food truck, or any ot...

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"Love Is In The Air" stock image

Niney Azman's Wonderful Macro Shots of Insects and Spiders

Former Interior Designer, Malaysia-based photographer Niney Azman captures insects in a very diff...

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"Native Brazilian girl smiling at an indigenous tribe in the Amazon" stock image

International Day of the Girl - 27 Beautifully Empowering Portraits of Hope

Since 2012, 11th October has been adopted and officially declared by the United Nations as the In...

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"Reflections in the St. Moritz lake, Switzerland." stock image

Where Mountains Are Made of Marshmallows: 16 Images of Switzerland

Switzerland never fails to astonish: the impeccable landscapes, the beautiful, snowy mountains an...

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"Gorilla" stock image

18 Profound Portraits of Primates

Primates are characterised by their distinct features in the animal kingdom: large brains, strong...

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"Canal golden hour" stock image

25 Canals You Must Visit This Autumn

The canal is the best setting for a range of activities. It provides an illustrious background fo...

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"The Portuguese Royal Library - RJ" stock image

18 Images of Majestic Libraries From Across the Globe

Libraries have existed in some form since humans learned to write. The earliest example of a libr...

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"Underground Fire" stock image

When Sparks Fly: 21 Electrifying Examples of Light Art at Play

From carefully considered source to skilled manipulation, no single factor determines photographi...

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"Crossing a plateau in the arctic" stock image

23 Breathtaking Images of Svalbard, Norway’s Remote and Beautiful Archipelago

Svalbard, found towards the top of the world and deep within the Arctic Circle, is the most North...

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